​by A CHILD OF GOD on FEBRUARY 5, 2012

In April of 2009 I went to my primary care doctor for results on a pap-smear previously taken.The results were positive and I was then referred to a gynecologist. On May 4,2009 I was scheduled for a biopsy which later revealed I had cervical cancer. Three weeks later I went in for a hysterectomy.

The doctors removed 27-lymphnodes (7-cancerous), my ovaries, and tubes. I was informed that 2months of chemotherapy,radiation,and internal radiation was needed for the cancer in my cervix. Through out this time my faith in God and the many prayers of others kept me strong. I prayed everyday asking him to give me the strength I needed,and to shine a light on me.

There was times I felt as if I was breaking both emotionally and physically, but I would not allow my faith to waiver as I knew God was more powerful than what was trying to overcome me. My daughter came in November to visit. We went to Fort Jackson in Buras Louisiana. We took several photos through out the day.

The last picture taken was of my granddaughter, her friend, and me. As my daughter was looking through the camera her expression changed and she said “Oh My God”. At that moment I knew that something had just happened. When I looked at the picture there was a light that came down over me, wrapped around my shoulder, and went down in between me and my granddaughter. At that moment I knew my prayers had been answered, and that God had given me the light I had been asking for.

Towards the end of November the PET scan came back good. Every test taken since then revealed nothing. I’m so thankful to God for standing by me through this time, answering my prayers,and giving me the strength that I needed to go on.

I hope this testimony is an inspiration to others as it was for me. He is always there to love us, and will never leave us in our times of need. All we need is faith and to believe in the prayers we put in his hands. If anyone would like to view the photo taken that day please contact me at tompkinsmary@att.net My special thanks to God.

By: Mart Tompkins


Blessing from Above

 MountZion Believers Church