MountZion Believers Church


​Our Vision is to uplift the church and congregation through a diverse selection of music that appeals to all generations. Every ensemble of the church strives toward musical excellence and focuses on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through song.

Our choir helps make our services more enjoyable by providing uplifting music for our congregation.

Praising God is the main purpose for all our members’ choir participation.

Participating in divine worship services as a choir member is a sacred responsibility, not to be taken lightly. Our choir members, as other church musicians, offer their God-given talents to the faith.

MZBC’s Choir Ministry aspires to:

1. Be a tithing choir ministry.

2. Lead the congregation in songs.

3. Be the best ambassadors of songs for Christ.

4. Give 100% in rehearsal and in worship.

5. Be spirit-led and bible-fed (attend Bible Studies).

MZBC’s choir is entrusted to be a participating part of the worship service and its members respond to that trust accordingly.  This requires singers who are inwardly committed not just to the music, but also, and primarily, to the Faith.

                                 Sister Ngozi Opara   Choir Leader