MountZion Believers Church

​​My name is Michael. I am 21 years old and would like to share my testimony with you.

I come from a strong Christian background instilled in me by both my parents. My parents, especially my Dad, have always proclaimed God’s goodness and blessings over my life and those of my siblings.

At 21 years old I have a good job, a business, a good car, and live alone in a good apartment. By any yardstick am doing pretty alright. The things I don’t fail to remember is to always put God first in my life and, to remember that none of what I am and have would have been possible without Christ dying on the cross for me.

I have a habit of taking most things I buy to my Dad for his blessings. He would bless me and then bless the item. In January of 2014 I bought a brand new car and as usual, my Dad prayed over the vehicle and I. He covered us both with the “blood of Jesus.” Barely six months later the car was recalled because of several safety issues. In September of the same 2014 the dealership gave me a brand new upgrade of the vehicle, free of charge.

In December of that same 2014, a driver speeding through an intersection plowed into my second brand new car and totaled it. That I sustained no injuries was utterly by the grace of God. In January of this year, I bought my third brand new car, a 2015 Nissan Sentra SL.  Three months later, on March 7th, 2015, while driving on a highway, fire started shooting out of under and above the dashboard. The hood was blown up the wrong way and blocked my frontal view. The engine compartment was flaming up. The brakes stopped working and I couldn’t slow down the vehicle. The doors wouldn’t open and the windows wouldn’t roll down either.

So, there I was, on a highway, car in flames while still moving, doors and windows are jammed up, can’t see where my car was going, engine, dashboard and seats are on fire.  In the midst of the chaos the Spirit of God told me to break the window with my elbow and, I did. But since my driver’s side window was on the road, the devil saw that as an opportunity to take another crack at me. So, as I scrambled and fell out of the window of my still moving car, another vehicle came within a few feet of speeding over my head as I fell to the ground.  Right about now the car was practically engulfed in flames. The car finally rolled off the road and was stopped by a railing.

I am 100 percent sure that it was the hands of my Lord Jesus over me and the fervent prayers of my parents that literally saved me on that day.  One of my Dad’s prayer points over the car when I bought it was that I will not die in that vehicle. I received a couple of stitches on my shoulder and that was the extent of my physical injuries.

God “spoke” this world into existence and we are in His image. The WORDS spoken unto others and, by PARENTS unto their children, positive or negative, are very powerful.  That’s why the bible tells us that even though the “tongue” is a very small part of the body, it is the most powerful. Ladies and gentlemen, please refrain from using negative/curse words and phrases. Instead, utter positive words and phrases unto each other, daily. Pray positively for each other daily. DO NOT CEASE!

My Dad is still a pillar in my life and as often as possible, I’ll continue to have him bless my purchases, big or small.

God exists and still performs miracles! 

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