MountZion Believers Church

​by A CHILD OF GOD on FEBRUARY 7, 2012

Our Creator is a Great God and a Great King above all gods and I will glorify him in the name of his son Jesus Christ the living word who is our light, guide and hope. Three months ago a co-worker of mine proceeded on maternity leave and give birth a day later to the most beautiful baby girl a parent could hope for. Bright, alert and with a decided preference for classical music all appeared to be well with this little new born until she suddenly fell violently ill four weeks ago.

She was admitted to the intensive care unit with what doctors were treating as meningitis. For two weeks this babe remained on a ventilator with neither improvement nor deterioration then, to everyone’s dismay, the unthinkable happened. The breathing tube somehow became detached and it was suggested she might have sustained both brain and lung damage. The prognosis was grim, according to the doctors who advised that her parents should prepare for the worst. Everyone at the office was grief-stricken by the news but knew there was still one source of help we could seek. A daily prayer session was then held at the office where we shut down all operations and got together and prayed to God for healing for the child, and with miraculous results.

By the grace of our Heavenly Father, within days doctors were baffled by a sudden turnaround in health. A day later the office was informed she was breathing on her own. Another three days later we heard she was out of intensive care. Another two days and she was resting comfortably at home with her family. Hallelujah! What an Awesome God we serve! And so I just want to give all praise to our great physician for coming to this baby’s rescue and redeeming her from death. Praise be to the holy one of Israel, who forgives all our iniquities; heals all our diseases; redeems our lives from destruction, and crowns us with loving kindness and tender mercies, in the name of Jesus Christ his son, through whom all things are possible. Our Great Jehovah Rophe is excellent in all the earth! Amen!

By: Dee

Miracle Baby