MountZion Believers Church

by A CHILD OF GOD on AUGUST 20, 2014

I was visiting a church one Sunday in the year 2010. I was experiencing a Pentecost experience during service, the experience was Phenomenal. While I was partaking the experience my front passenger window of my 2006 SUV was being busted out by someone who also stole my book bag with several personal journals in it. I felt vulnerable and mad. The police was called and the incident was reported.

After the police left, I went home only to become angry and disgruntled not understanding what was going on. I began talking to God seeking answers, so I prayed. Later that evening one of my best friends came by for support. We decided to drive around the area the bag was taken to look for it. Unfortunately, we were not successful. Once I returned home I prayed again. My emotions were up and down for days. I felt like I couldn’t trust anyone. I prayed many times and cried. I did not understand why this had happen. God began dealing with me concerning trust.

After 8 months of God’s dealing and missing my personals, God answered my prayers and restored the bag of journals to me. I remembered saying to God while in the church service that Sunday, “Lord your will be done in my life” and so it was, the bag of Journals taken and my life’s personal experiences, mistakes, bad choices, sins were possibly open to the world. God was guiding me to freedom… delivering me from people and fear of judgment from them including my family.

Months later, I got a phone call from the secretary of the church I attend, she explained to me when she got to the church that morning she saw the book bag sitting at the door. She described the bag and informed me she saw my name on the items and decided to call me to see if the bag belongs to me. I identified the bag once I got to the church office.

There it was in good condition,everything like I left it; even the crumbled sheet I had left on the side inside the bag that only I knew about was just as I left it. I cried standing in front of the secretary as I thought about how God takes care of us just as he did the bag by keeping every detail of our testimony and experiences in his safe arms. I expressed my gratitude to God for returning the bag of Journals.

As I drove towards my next destination, I took a detour and headed to my meditation spot. There, I fell into a ball out praise and thank yous to Yahweh our God! The number 8 means new beginnings. It took 8 months for me to get the book bag back and because of it being taken, it brought my Faith to a call to surrender to God,Jehovah Jireh our provider. Yes,he did provide! God is faithful,he never ever let’s us down, the first two months after the bag of journals were taken was emotional, I prayed without ceasing, the next 6months my emotions became less rocky and more supportive of Faith with works in trusting God heard my prayer and I must continue to enjoy life as Yahweh intended while I wait.

It’s been 4 years since that has happen, and others challenges have come however, God continues to be Alpha (the beginning) and Omega (the end) which ultimately means he is in control and with us through the entire process. When challenges come, I revert to my testimonies of God’s sovereign touch including this one. Trusting God is your and my best choice. You can never go wrong with that one. Besides trusting God is all we got! No excuses! Selah!

By: Lisa

Our God is an Awesome God!