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​​by LARRELL on JULY 9, 2009

Growing up I had a pretty normal life, I was raised in a Christian home with my mother, father and one younger brother. From the age of two years old my parents and grandmother had me in church every Sunday, singing in the children’s choir, and participating in church plays. As I got older I was heavily involved with the youth ministry.

At this time I thought my relationship with God was great, for I had been in church my whole life. I considered myself to be a very good person However I was still living a life style not worthy of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST. I was going to church every Sunday and professing to be a Christian, yet I was still drinking, partying, and hanging with the wrong crowd of people, who didn’t acknowledge GOD at all in their lives. I had a self righteous attitude about myself; I would spend so much time at church, that I thought I had a great relationship with GOD. I also thought that since I was a good person, kind, and helpful to everyone, that GOD was pleased with my lifestyle and I was surly going to heaven.

Before I starting attending The Passion for Christ Movement (, I went to a church that would water down the gospel of JESUS CHRIST, by not preaching the whole truth about GOD through scripture, and I myself didn’t read GOD’s word to find out how Christian are expected to live. I would only read the scriptures that were convenient for me, and didn’t bring a strong conviction against the way I was living.

As a teenager I got involved in all kind of sin, homosexuality being one of them. At that time I couldn’t find the place in scripture where God addressed homosexuality, but everyday while I was involved in a relationship with a female I felt GOD tugging on my heart. It was a strong conviction, which I didn’t want to invite at first, because I wanted to enjoy my sin. I knew in my heart that my gay lifestyle and my sinful nature was against GOD, but I would justify it by saying that I’m so involved with the church, and that I give to the needy, plus GOD knows that I’m a good person. I lived a life involved in a homosexual relationship for five years, knowing that GOD wasn’t pleased with the way I was living. Thank GOD for his mercy and grace, for he didn’t give up on me, he continued to call me to come to him and repent.

Because I thought I loved my girlfriend and spent so much time with her, I felt that it would be impossible for me to break free from our relationship, I spent so much time trying to ignore GOD’s conviction on my life which lead me into other sins. I honestly made myself believe that the sin of homosexuality was so great that GOD was upset with me, and that he really didn’t have the power to change something like homosexuality that was a big part of me. Bless GOD because my life was changed forever when I met minister Facey from P4CM and he witnessed to me.

Shortly after I was invited to visit P4CM by Blair Wingo, (she is the spokes person for the ministry). My hypercritical life was changed forever after that. Since I have been attending P4CM, I have learned the fundamental basis of Christianity, for example; to be Christian is to be like CHRIST, meaning my actions had to change. It’s not enough to just say that I was a Christian yet my actions didn’t reflect it (Titus 1:16). I also now have a clear view of the cross of JESUS CHRIST, before I didn’t understand how important it is to have a complete understanding of why CHRIST died for me. By understanding this fact, I now know that this is the foundation to my faith as a Christian. I’m now justified because CHRIST took my sins and died for me on the cross. Now I’m reconciled back to GOD to have a relationship with him.

When JESUS CHRIST sacrifice his self in my place he satisfied the wrath of GOD that was against me because I had sinned against him my whole life thus braking the power of the evil one that once controlled my actions, I’m now set free from all my sins… amen. Now I live a life worthy of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST by faith, trusting in GOD alone and not leaning to my own understanding. When I look back on my life, I wish that I had someone to share the truth about the gospel of JESUS CHRIST, and what GOD expected from my life as a Christian through his Holy word. Not by any works that I could do on my own, for it is only by GOD’s grace that I’m saved (Ephesians 2:8-10).

Through the (Ex Homosexual Ministry) GOD has given me the opportunity to share my testimony with this generation. I thank GOD for the privilege to be able to share my story with so many people daily to display his power. The purpose of the Ex homosexual ministry is to expose the lies behind the gay lifestyle that many people in this generation are believing; and to also expose the power of GOD, and how he can deliver anyone from the homosexuality.

With GOD my goal is to reach out to anyone that is curious about the gay lifestyle, or all ready involved in a same sex relationship. Thank GOD he has made me a living witness for people who want to get out of the gay lifestyle and get to know him. GOD has the power to set anyone free from homosexuality for that is not his will for your life, he is willing and ready to do so, all you have to do is agree with his Holy word, pray asking him to deliver you, and believe that he will and is capable to set you free from your sin. GOD is faithful, and he will come and deliver you if you just believe (Matthew 21:22). Some Scriptures in the Bible concerning Homosexuality are: (Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Romans 1:26-28, Jude 6-9, Genesis chapter 19 and 2 Peter 2:6). NIV Bible

If you would like to contact someone for help in overcoming homosexuality, please don’t wait, send me a email today ( and I will labor with you answering any question that you may have, deliverance is possible!!! God bless you.

Overcoming Homosexuality